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If you have squeaky or uneven floors?  Are you seeing cracks start to form in your sheet rock in your home?  If so, you may have some structural issues underneath your home that needs to be addressed before things get worse.

Many of the homes in the Longview area are old.  Homes built 50 to 100 years ago (or sooner) have had some time to develop some structural issues. Usually this is caused by moisture conditions, which unfortunately, we have a lot of.  Rotting posts and beams, the elements that hold your house up, are very common around here.

All of these things are fixable, but the longer you let structural issues go before addressing them, the more expensive and extensive the repair.

At Advanced Waterproofing, we have the skill and expertise to take on just about any structural issue you will find underneath your home.  From major structural post and beam replacement, to just a simple pier post, we can fix all of it.


It all starts with a free consultation.  If you want to ensure the structural stability of your home, give us a call today or book your appointment online.   We are always happy to help!


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