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Is the air that you breathe in your home healthy?  Well, that depends a lot on the condition of your ducts underneath your home.  Ducts become disconnected or damaged all the time and can just be sitting open underneath your home, blowing warm air into a cool space, creating the possibility of mold, not to mention energy loss.


There are two types of residential ducts most commonly used in residential homes.  Flex ducts and rigid ducting and both can be disconnected or damaged.


Flex ducts are a type of flexible, insulated duct that is very energy efficient.  Unfortunately, they have an outer membrane that can easily by penetrated.  We see this often with raccoon infestation when the animal tears into the warm duct to effectively heat the space.


Rigid ducting is the older style of duct that is not as energy efficient.  Although the metal ducting is difficult to pierce open, it is fragile at the joints of the ducting and can separate easily.


Regardless of what kind of duct system you might have or how they have been compromised, Advanced Waterproofing can fix them.  Our team has expertise in all elements of a crawlspace and can repair or replace any duct system.


The process to get started is easy.  Just call us or book online to have us come out and do a free consultation.  We would be happy to check all your ducts and give you an estimate on repair.

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