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Sump Pump Install

With so much water coming into our homes in the Kelso and Longview area, a sump pump is a really important element to any drainage solution.

A sump pump is used when gravity systems are not feasible.  An example of this would be in a crawl space or basement where the location of the pooling water is lower than any possible discharge points.  Sump pumps are a great way to keep any space dry.

Essentially, a pump is placed inside a basin where water collects.  The basin is about 2 feet below ground level, collects water and when the water reaches a certain point, a float on the pump is raised which triggers the pump mechanism, discharging water from the space.  Generally, we will plumb our discharge pipe into your exterior rain drains if possible.

Advanced Waterproofing uses a wide variety of pumps, but each of our pumps have a manufacturers warranty, ensuring that your pump will last for a long time.  In addition to the sump pumps that we install, we also have a variety of sump pump alarms, which will go off if the pump is not working.

If you are looking to have a sump pump installed or are experiencing any other drainage related issue, please give us a call.  We would be happy to set up  a free consultation.

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