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Homes in the Longview, Washington area have to deal with a lot of water.  On average, Cowlitz County gets an average rain fall of 65 inches per year!  With all of this rain pounding our properties, a proper drainage system in and under your house is sometimes a necessity. 

A french drain system is a critical part of any drainage system.  Basically, it is a series of trenches that move water to a desired location.  Typically, a french drain will consist of the following components.  First, we will excavate a trench and slope the trench towards a desired discharge point.  Next, we install filter fabric, a perforated drain pipe with filter sock and then cover the trench with drain rock.

The location of the french drain may vary.  Sometimes we will install french drains on the inside perimeter of a crawl space to remove ground water.  Other times we may need to install exterior french drains around the outside of the home to move water away from the house.  Either way, the purpose is always the same, we are just moving water to a different location.

Every home in the Longview area is different, but we can provide a customer solution to make sure water is not damaging your home.  The process is simple and it starts with making an appointment for a free consultation at your home.  Please call or book online to set that up and we would be happy to help you!

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