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If you have lived in the Cowlitz County area for long, then you know that it rains here.  It rains a lot.  With the relentless moisture our homes encounter each year comes the possibility of damages to the wood in your structure.


Dry rot can occur just about anywhere in your home, but most commonly it is going to be around windows, door, decks and many, many other places.  Basically, any place that rain finds its way in.  This is generally due to worn off caulking or paint.  Sometimes it is just from a poor building design in the first place.


Regardless of what caused the dry rot to occur, we can fix it.  Our team is familiar with all portions of building construction and understand how to properly remove dry rot and replace the damaged pieces.  More than just that, we also understand moisture intrusion and how to prevent dry rot from happening again in those same areas.

Whether your project is big or small, our team can handle it.  To get the process started, just give us a call or book an appointment online.  Our friendly staff will be happy to help you set up a free consultation with one of our team members

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