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In the Longview, Washington area, basements are a common feature in many homes.  Unfortunately, it is also common that these basements leak, which is especially true in older homes.  In fact, when these basements were built years and years ago, it was actually deemed acceptable that some moisture could enter.  Just because the builder of your home thought it was okay that your basement would leak, it doesn't mean it has to be okay for you.

Moisture in your basement is not good and can lead to all kinds of issues like mold, mildew and even structural problems for your home.  At Advanced Waterproofing, we can fix all of this with a variety of solutions that are custom designed for your unique situation. 

Generally, a typical basement waterproofing project is going to include these components:

Perimeter Trenching is needed to allow water to flow to a discharge point.  This is achieved by cutting the concrete slab along the perimeter, excavating and installing drainage channels.  Concrete is then poured over the area.

A Vapor Barrier is installed over the foundation wall, sending any moisture down into the drainage channels.

A Sump Pump is what discharges water out of the space.  This consists of a basin that is installed beneath the slab and a sump pump that is plumbed to the outside.

Regardless of what your unique moisture issues are, we can design a system to fix it.  Advanced Waterproofing offers free 1 hour consultations with our knowledgeable staff.   Please book your appointment today and we would be happy to help!


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